Dual Enrollment

  • What is Dual Enrollment?

  • Why should my student enroll as a DE student?

  • What UNO courses correspond to Dual Enrollment courses at Omaha North?

  • My student has been accepted into the school for engineering. How would I go about discovering if these credits would transfer?

  • My student is not planning on attending UNO. Is there a way to check with other universities to see if they accept DE?

  • Is there additional work for my student if they decide to participate in DE?

  • Does my student have to go to the UNO campus?

  • Do students have to take the AP Exam in May?

  • Why are only a few AP classes involved in Dual Enrollment?

  • Why does my class have to wait until January to apply for DE?

  • What if I earn a grade lower than a C in my DE class?

  • What if I apply then decide to not take the class as DE?

  • Does the Dual Enrollment application count for regular admission to UNO?

  • What do I need to do to let my university know about my Dual Enrollment credits through UNO?

  • What is the ACE Scholarship?

  • Will too many dual enrollment credits eliminate me from consideration for college scholarships?

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