Miltary Science - JROTC

  • The Military Science Department offers the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps Program. It is a series of management and leadership building courses designed to help the student develop those desirable traits and characteristics found in good leaders. It stresses responsibility and self-discipline. There is no military commitment as a result of these courses. Cadets are normally required to wear the issued uniforms one day a week. Uniforms are provided at no cost.

    All courses count towards the elective requirements for graduation.


    Number of Credits Required for Graduation:

    Credits can substitute for PE requirements for graduation.

    Required Courses   None

    Honors Courses   None

    Elective Courses

    JROTC-LET 1    (Introduction to Leadership Development)

    JROTC-LET 2    (Intermediate Leadership Development)

    JROTC-LET 3    (Applied Leadership Development)

    JROTC-LET 4    (Advanced Leadership Development)

    Beginning Marksmanship 1-2

    Advanced Marksmanship 1-2

    Course Description