About Central High

  • A Rich Heritage

    Central High, with roots dating back to Omaha's first all-grade public school in 1859, is a testament to the city's commitment to education. The journey continued with establishing a dedicated high school building in 1871, a building that would evolve and shape the educational landscape of Omaha.

    From the iconic tower that once graced the school's skyline to the innovative additions like the translucent dome over the courtyard, Central High School has a fascinating history. Noteworthy events, such as the 1876 demonstration of electric lights from the tower, echo through the corridors, connecting the past to the present.

    Over the years, Central underwent transformative changes, addressing challenges like overcrowding and ventilation. The construction of the present-day Central High School in 1900 marked a new chapter, with subsequent renovations in 1920, 1981-82, 2005, and 2019.

    Academic Excellence and Innovation

    Central High's commitment to academics is unwavering. With a rigorous curriculum, including over seventy IB, Advanced Placement, and Dual Enrollment courses, the school continues to prepare students for success in college and beyond. The 2019 addition of a $19.3 million theater, arts, and music wing reflects a dedicated alumni base who helped raise the funds to make the addition possible. 

    Beyond academics, Central High is home to numerous clubs and activities. Read more about them on our activities page.

    In addition to our comprehensive academic offerings, Central High School proudly offers three distinct pathways that allow students to tailor their educational journey to their passions and career aspirations:

    1. STEM
      Leadership and Global Studies Pathway
      Global Arts Pathway

  • When asked what our “specialty” or “theme” is we will tell you, without hesitation . . .  “Academics”.  We provide a quality education that includes:

    • The Register, Central's student newspaper since 1886, was officially declared the oldest continuously published newspaper west of the Mississippi
    • the second chapter of National Honor Society in 1921. Our principal created the idea of NDS, but was unable to attend the convention so we had to settle for the beta chapter
    • the Student Council began in 1914
    • ROTC was established in 1892-93 and is still going strong today
    • an International Baccalaureate World School that offers over seventy IB, Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment courses 
    • rigorous English curriculum with an emphasis in classic literature and writing (Stylebook) that prepares students for college and beyond
    • broad World Language department that includes Spanish, French, German, and Chinese 
    • an energetic Performing Arts department that continues to stand out on the local, state and national level including the Road Show, the school talent show since 1915
    • a nationally recognized Marketing program
    • a reputation of civic consciousness
    • over 40 clubs and activities
    • and, a history of building strong athletes