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    In years past, PEP has supported students through events such as post prom, Purple Feather Day, and senior recognition. PEP has supported the staff at Central with a holiday tea, appreciation week events, and more. Many of these activities will not be feasible this school year or they will look different than they have previously. Due to these changes, we are striving to provide you with the following: communication, transparency, and volunteer opportunities. 


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Executive Board 2020-2021

  • Co- Presidents
    Laura Ritchie
    Kim Shaneyfelt

    Denise Easton
            Social Media
    Joe Craig

    Gema Simmons

    Michelle Lukowski   

Committee Chairs

  • Sign-Up Genius

    Legislative Liaison


    Parent-Teacher Conferences

    8th Grade Recruitment

    Post-Prom Liaisons


    Open House

    Merchandise Sales
    Meegan Griggs
    Ken Harris

    National Honor Society Ceremony
    Paul Nielson


    Purple Feather Day

    Senior Recognition


Holiday Tea

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    Cold Appetizers -  
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    Beverages - 
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Teacher & Staff Appreciation

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    Breakfast - 
    Staff Luncheon - 
    Ice Cream Sundaes - 
    Pop - 
    Décor -