Current Students

  • Seniors who need transcripts sent to colleges MUST request the transcripts be sent via Naviance. North High School only sends transcripts through Naviance. Counselors have no way of knowing that you need a transcript sent unless it is requested through Naviance. Please follow the directions below.

    1. Log into Naviance on your school issued iPad by going through the Clever App.
    2. Once in Clever look for the Naviance icon, or search for it, and click on the Naviance App.
    3. Log-in.
    4. Once in Naviance go to "Colleges I'm Applying to".
    5. For each college you are requesting a transcript for, click on the red plus sign button in the upper right-hand corner.
    6. List the college you are requesting the transcript from. Find the college in the list and then complete the App type and initial transcript.
    7. Lastly, add and request the transcript.
    8. Repeat, for each college you are requesting a transcript for.

    If you need help with this, please reach out to your assigned counselor.