Westview Freshman Academy

  • Westview Freshman Academy

    What is the Freshman Academy?

    A small community of students who are taught by a core group of teachers who focus on common procedures, expectations, and effective instructional strategies. The Freshman Academy was introduced with the intention to ease the transition from middle to high school. The additional support given to our freshmen will allow them to start their high school journey on track to graduate!

    What is the structure?

    All students are placed on 1 of 3 freshman teams, each team is assigned 5 core teachers that will work collaboratively to ensure the success of our students. The 5 core teachers are from the following subject areas

    • English 1-2
    • Biology or Physical Science 1-2
    • S. History
    • Entry Level Mathematics
    • Freshman Seminar

    In addition to the core teachers, the Freshman Academy will also have a designated Academy Lead and Academy Counselor whose focus will be supporting the freshmen.

    What are the goals?

    At Westview our Freshman Academy has the goal that our Wolverines stay on their

    Teachable and Ready to Learn

    On track to Graduate

    Engaged in Academics and Extra-curriculars

    Striving for 95% Attendance