Northwest Freshman Academy

  • Northwest High School Freshman Academy LogoWhat is the Freshman Academy?

    The Freshman Academy is a Small Learning Community that uses instructional tools, procedures, routines, and expectations proven to be successful in helping Freshmen transition from Middle School to High School.

    Freshmen are taught by a team of teachers who work in collaboration to link the lessons of individual courses, making them more relevant.

    The Freshman Academy was built to help students not only with their academic transition from Middle School but also help with the social transition by building relationships with peers and instructors, preparing them for a successful High School Experience

    Extra support is provided for students who need academic assistance or face challenging life situations.

    Who is part of the Freshman Academy?

    • All freshmen will be assigned to a House (Team)
    • There are 3 Houses at Northwest High
    • Each House has about 150 students and 5 Core Class Teachers

    What are the basic courses, and what about electives?

    All freshmen are enrolled in the following core classes:

    • English 1-2
    • Physical Science or Biology I
    • American History
    • Freshman Seminar
    • Entry Level Math

    In addition, per the Nebraska State Board of Education:

    • PE (ROTC/Marching band/Swing Choir)

    All freshmen will get to choose 2 elective courses to fill out their schedule.

    What support is provided for the students in Freshman Academy?

    Support is available for freshmen through the following:

    Staff Support

    • Administration
    • Counselor
    • Teachers
    • Social workers

    Academic Support

    • Course interventions
    • Behavior and academic interventions
    • After-School Tutoring
    • Guided Study Groups
    • Teacher 1:1

    How does the Freshman Academy benefit our students?

    Research shows that the strongest programs are the programs that start out with a strong foundation. The foundation that we, at Northwest, are giving the freshmen will encourage them to be successful not only this year, but the next three years as well. Consider the following benefits to our students:

    • Improve graduation rates.
    • Provide the opportunity to earn quality graduation credits.
    • Increase engagement in classes.
    • Create stronger connection to teachers and classmates.
    • Prepare for greater success in post-secondary endeavors.
    • Decrease drop-out rates.
    • Decrease student discipline incidents.
    • Integrate curriculum and high expectations.
    • Increase student achievement.
    • Increase student attendance.
    • Encourage student involvement and participation in school activities and functions.

    What opportunities for involvement and leadership are available for Freshmen at Northwest High?

    We have loads of ways for you to get involved and catch some of that Husky Spirit. First, let’s talk sports:


    • Cross Country
    • Football
    • Golf (girls)
    • Softball
    • Tennis (boys)
    • Volleyball


    • Basketball
    • Bowling
    • Swimming
    • Wrestling


    • Baseball
    • Golf (boys)
    • Soccer
    • Tennis (girls)
    • Track & Field