Central Freshman Academy

  • CHS has four freshman academy teams, each made up of approximately 150 students, who share four teachers (English, Science, Social Studies, and Freshman Seminar). Each team also contains a special education teacher, a counselor, as well as a dean of students.

    All four teams are named after an esteemed CHS graduate and CHS Hall of Fame inductee. The teachers on each team carefully and thoughtfully selected a namesake individual who embodies characteristics that are desirable traits for all CHS Eagles to possess.


    CHS Freshman Academy Mission & Vision

    The mission of the CHS Freshman Academy is to support students in the transition from eighth grade to high school by providing social, emotional, and academic supports to build character, confidence, and drive achievement.


    The vision of the CHS Freshman Academy is to empower students to become leaders who are Scholarly, Courageous, Adaptable, and Innovative.


    At CHS, we want all freshmen to feel known, loved, and inspired to be the best versions of themselves.


    Freshman Academies

    • Crandell
    • McClarnon
    • Sayers
    • Townsend