Westview College & Career Academies and Pathways

  • The Pathways of Westview High School LogoWestview High School's variety of pathways give students the advantage of exploration. From Biomechanics to Marketing to Engineering, there are classes for all areas of interest. Use the tabs on the left to explore the options within our 5 major Pathway umbrellas.

    Freshman Academy

    • All Freshmen will share a common core of teachers who will work together to improve the success of our 9th grade students.

    Health Sciences
    Choose your focus:

    • Biomechanics & Research
    • Therapeutic Services
    • Human Performance & Sports Medicine

    Choose your focus:

    • Civil & Community Engineering
    • Clean Energy Research & Development
    • Environmental Studies

    Choose your focus:

    • Business Management & Insurance
    • Entrepreneurship & Virtual Enterprise
    • Marketing
    • Business Technology

    Explore careers in education from elementary teaching to counseling to administration.