Academy Selection

  • Each academy meets all graduation requirements and prepares students for postsecondary education and/or the world of work. While in the academy, students have an opportunity to participate in special activities and events that provide greater awareness of the specific career area and opportunities within that area. Academy participants will be part of a small group of students with similar interests completing courses together.

    Choosing the best academy for you

    Students choose an academy based upon their interests, strengths, and desires. While in the academy, they will participate in industry-related field trips, job shadowing experiences, an internship and/or a capstone project. Along with core content classes, students will take at least one career academy class each semester that is aligned with the academy's focus.

    During freshman year, students explore their academy options through career inventories, strength assessments, freshman support curriculum, academy presentations, academy expositions and classroom presentations. Once the exploration period is complete, our freshman students select their academy during enrollment with their counselors during the month of February.

    Students and families take the information that they learn about these various academies to help guide and inform them about their college and career readiness plan throughout their high school career.

    How to choose an academy

    The academy selection process is driven by the students and their families. During freshman year you will learn about the academies at Bryan High through the Freshman Seminar class and participate in a variety of experiences.

    Take into consideration your interests, learning style, favorite classes and plans after high school.

    Questions to ask yourself when choosing an academy:

    • Is the pathway and Academy something I am interested in?
    • Have I spoken to my family regarding my academy choice?
    • Did I consider the experiences and results from my Freshman Seminar class?
    • Will I still enjoy it years from now?
    • Does it use my natural skills, talents and abilities?
    • Is the pathway something I will have fun learning?
    • Will I be able to find employment in a related field after earning a degree or graduating from high school?
    • Will it be around later in life?
    • Will it pay me adequately to have the life I want to live as an adult?

    The academies and pathways below detail the framework for Bryan High School moving forward as of the 2021-22 school year. ​The effects of academies have been demonstrated over the past five years through increased graduation rates, expanded dual enrollment and increased attendance. ​Additionally, we have the first national model career academy in Nebraska and the Midwest. ​

    Our academies, pathways and potential future jobs based on levels of post-secondary work detailed in these pages are multi-dimensional and diverse and​:

    • Expose students to ALL the options in career areas,​
    • Connect academic programs to high-paying, high skill, high-demand careers,​
    • Help all of our students, regardless of level,  move on as seamlessly as possible, and​
    • Dually prepare them for both college and careers.​