Bryan Transportation, Distribution & Logistics Academy

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    Prepares students to join one of the fastest-growing career fields!  Students explore careers and connect with businesses involved in the planning, management and movement of all things.  Students will learn and practice skills that prepare them for diverse post-high school education and training opportunities.

    Our Transportation, Distribution & Logistics Academy academy features International Business Marketing & Management and Logistics & Supply Chain Management Pathways.

    The TDL academy features instructors with industry experience, multiple dual credit and certifications available, industry tours and partnerships.

    Logistics & Supply Chain Management:

    • High School Diploma, On-the-Job Training:
      • Diesel Mechanic
      • Food Service Packager
      • Dispatcher
      • Forklift Operator
    • Certification, License, Associate Degree:
      • E-commerce Manager
      • Heavy and Tractor-Trailer Truck Driver
      • Industrial Engineering Technician
      • Business Operation Specialist
      • Routing Engineer
    • Bachelor's, Master's, Doctoral Degree:
      • Data Analytics Manager
      • Wholesale and Retail Buyer
      • Chief Supply Chain Manager
      • TDL Warehouse Manager
      • Engineer


    International Business Marketing & Management:

    • High School Diploma, On-the-Job Training:
      • Customer Service Representative
      • Office Clerk
      • Administrative Assistant
      • Claims Adjuster
      • Travel Agent
    • Certification, License, Associate Degree:
      • Web Developer
      • Human Resources Assistant
      • Paralegal
      • Translator
      • Exporter
    • Bachelor's, Master's, Doctoral Degree:
      • General & Operations Manager
      • Human Resources Director
      • Market Research Analyst
      • Global Logistics Manager
      • International Trade Analysis

    Nationally Recognized Student Organizations:

    • Skills USA
    • National Honor Society
    • DECA
    • FBLA