Activities, Athletics & Fine Arts Directory (3:10pm - 5pm)

Activity Sponsor Day(s) Location Description
Chess Club Mrs. Siert Wednesday 143
Drama Club Mrs. Worthy Wednesday 141 Do you enjoy performing on stage? Then consider joining the Drama Club! Members perform plays for the school body and the community. Drama Club meets every Wednesday.
Morning Reading Club Mrs. Tetschner Every morning Library Morning Reading Club is a great place for students looking for a quiet place to start their mornings. Monday through Thursday we read our books -- getting in a few more chapters before the bell rings and the day begins. Friday is dubbed "Fun Day Friday" as we close our books and play games. Reading Club is from 7:00-7:25.
National Junior Honor Society Mrs. Quedensley / Ms. Redinbaugh 1st / 3rd Thursday 133
Robotics TBA
THRIVE Leadership Club Miss Mancuso / Mrs. Siert Monday 177 This club includes competitions and other projects.