What is a Magnet School?

  • A magnet school is a public institution that offers a unique educational program or instructional focus. Magnet schools are special because they have a theme that permeates the entire culture of the school. Another interesting thing about magnet schools is that anyone in the district, not just students in the home attendance area, may choose to attend the school. This feature attracts many different types of students to magnet schools, creating a diverse and dynamic student population.

Nathan Hale's Magnet: Leadership & Social Justice

  • Nathan Hale's magnet program encourages students to take on leadership roles and responsibilities both in the school community and the community at large. Nathan Hale advocates for its students, urging youth to take on roles that make them feel productive, inspired, and empowered. Nathan Hale asserts that any of our students have the potential to become a major influence in society. It is our belief that young people should begin learning how to be autonomous, responsible citizens in order to function effectively in our democratic society and shape the future of our nation in positive ways.

Nathan Hale's Magnet Features

  • Leadership class and Social Justice class taken by all students, where students study "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens" and learn about being a responsible citizen

    Extended school day for more learning opportunities

    Student organizations specifically designed for community involvement (H Club, Student Council, Latino Leaders, etc.)

    ELT, or elective, classes which offer students and opportunity to develop a variety of skills from sports leadership, to digital citizenship, to acting and producing, and others.

    Principal Advisory Committee: an elite group that students can be elected to. This group communicates the student body's concerns to the principal.

    Student leadership roles in school events, tours, open house, etc.

    Partnership with Northwest Magnet High School

     ...and MORE!