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Omaha Public Schools Board Approves Three-Year Agreement with Omaha Education Association

The Omaha Public Schools Board of Education approved a new, three-year agreement with the Omaha Education Association (OEA) during its regular meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 22. The agreement reflects significant investments in our teaching professionals, including increases to the base salary and salary schedule for all three years:

  • 2023-2024 – starting salary increases by $1,000 to $45,000
  • 2024-2025 – starting salary increases by $5,500 to $50,500
  • 2025-2026 – starting salary increases by $700 to $51,200

“I think this is a great step forward, not only for us as a district, but for our teachers as well,” said Board President Spencer Head. “Thank you to the OEA and our staff for their work on this.”

The agreement also increases the variance, or additional amount paid to Special Education teachers, from 5% to 7%. This demonstrates the importance our district places on providing this service for young people and their families and addresses a critical workforce need in our state.

“It takes everyone to make our system go, and high-quality teaching and learning is at the core of our mission to prepare all students for success,” said Superintendent Cheryl Logan, Ed.D.

Our district also increased contributions to employee health insurance plans and brought several other items into our long-term contract with educators, including:

  • Ongoing compensation for home visits, which reflects our district’s commitment to family engagement
  • Compensation for teaching hybrid classes as our district leverages technology and maximizes staff resources for students
    Increased pay for Next Level Learning teachers to reach the most students possible with summer learning

“We see the hard work and commitment of our staff throughout Omaha Public Schools,” Dr. Logan added. “As we invest in student teachers and lead among fellow large, urban school districts in building staff pipelines, this agreement delivers on our work to recruit and retain the best educators for Omaha’s children.”

The complete agreement is available at