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Bluestem Middle Music Teacher Inspires Students Through Lifelong Love of Music

One student keeps the steady beat of a drum, while another plays the piano in the Bluestem Middle music room. Judi Unger leads the choir accompanied by the musicians. 

“Music has always been a part of my life,” said Unger, Bluestem Middle music teacher. “I love sharing my musical background with my students and connecting them to community opportunities.” 

Unger grew up in McCook, Neb., as the youngest of eight children. Her grandfather was a talented violinist who influenced the family's musical interest.   

“I have the best memories when my older siblings came home for the holidays,” said Unger. “My whole family would gather in the living room, and we would sing and play instruments together.”  

Music was Unger’s first love but second career. As a corporate marketer, she nurtured her love of music by performing at Opera Omaha. After years of traveling for work, she decided to focus on her family and music full-time. 

“My marketing career prepared me for being a music teacher,” said Unger. “I’m always advocating for the music department, my students and music activities in our school.” 

She works hard on putting opportunities in her students’ hands, either providing them with an instrument or connecting them with industry experts.  

“This fall I took a group of students to the Orpheum Theater. One of the principals of the opera met with them and put on a little performance,” said Unger. “It was so cute when the kids asked her if they could sing for her. Now they can say they sang to a national opera singer.”  

Unger plans to take her students back to the Orpheum Theater this spring. This time they will get to watch her perform on stage.  

"It's awesome we have a teacher who's teaching us all these amazing things,” said Kyara Crus Hernandez, Bluestem Middle seventh grader. "We get to see her doing all of it on stage.”


March 2024

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