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Activity Sponsor Time Location Description
African American History Challenge Mr. Rudolph Murray 3:15pm Room 52 This club includes an annual competition about African American history in February. Students prepare during the year in preparation.
Book Blasters TBD 3:15 PM Room 258 Book Blasters is a district-wide competition that involves a team of students who are responsible for reading approximately 12 selected novels. Teams then compete to see who reigns supreme in knowledge of the novels’ content.
Drama Club Ms. Skretta & Ms. Witty 3:10pm Gym Students have an opportunity to try out for a part in a one act play. All grade levels are welcome to try out.
Math Club Mr. Rudolph Murray 3:15 PM Room 52 A club for students that enjoy math.
Math Team Mr. Rudolph Murray 3:15 PM Room 52 Gifted and Talented program students compete in competitions.
National Junior Honor Society Mrs. Allison Gregg TBD Room 142 Students must qualify to be members of the National Junior Honor Society.
Poetry Slam/Writing Club Mrs. Kristine Prem 3:15 PM Room 164 Poetry competition club open to students that love poetry.
Quiz Bowl Ms. Sheena Kafka 3:15 PM Room 060 Quiz Bowl is an academic competition. A four-member team competes against the clock answering questions from various disciplines. Skills, such as teamwork, cooperative group discussion, problem solving, and reaction time, are enhanced through practices and competitions.
Robotics Ms. Sheena Kafka 3:15pm Room 060 Students learn how to build functional robots that compete in competitions
Spelling Bee Mrs. Allison Gregg 3:15 PM Room 142 Spelling competition for students. Students must qualify to compete.
Think Tank Mrs. Allison Gregg 3:15 PM Room 142 Think Tank is a competitive problem-solving event for 7th and 8th graders held on the UNO campus. This day long event features a game that involves creative problem solving.

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