About Davis Middle

  • Davis Middle 

    • Established in 2013
    • Serve grades 6-8
    • Advanced Ed Accredited since 2014

    Davis Staff

    Davis Middle school staff consists of fifty teachers, nine paraprofessionals and four administrators.  About 76% of our staff have advanced degrees of a Master's Degree or higher.  We are excited about serving the families of our school.  Please come and check us out.


    Our student body is made up of students from many different countries.  This includes the US, Nepal, Iraq, Kenya, Syria, and Afghanistan.  There are many languages spoken by students as well.  This includes English, Spanish, Arabic, Karen, Somali, Nuer, and Farsi.

    Honors Courses

    There are a variety of courses and activities that are offered at Davis Middle School.  Honors classes are offered in Language Arts, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, and Science.  

    Specialty Classes

    • Foreign Language (8th Grade)
    • Advanced Strings/Band
    • International Studies (7th and 8th Grade)
    • Anthropology (6th Grade)
    • Service Learning (7th and 8th Grades)

    Skills Class Available

    • Co-taught Math Classes (6-8)
    • Co-taught English Language Arts Classes (6-8)
    • Reading Classes 
    • English Language Support 
    • ACP Classes