Girls in STEAM

  • The Girls in STEAM is an opportunity where we engage, enrich, and empower students to see themselves as someone who could excel in STEAM education and future careers.  The first 5 weeks are slotted for S-T-E-A-M specific topics, the last 5 weeks are devoted to working on Nebraska Robotics Expo events in teams, so the final day is like a mini-Expo where these girls-only teams will be invited to participate in the Nebraska Robotics Expo. Kennedy's participation in the Nebraska Robotics Expo provides a unique opportunity for our students. 

    STEAM-focused activities allow the girls opportunities to make connections between academic content areas, social skills and application opportunities. Students have the opportunity to explore: 

    • Scientific principles
      • Observation
      • Structure and Function
      • Earth, Life and Physical Science 
    • Technology advancements and creation
      • Green Screen
      • Drones
      • iMovie
    • Engineering concepts and documentation
      • 3D Printing
      • Laser Cutting
    • Art integration 
      • Painting, Drawing and Sketching
      • Scullture
      • Form and Function
    • Math principles 
      • Measurement
      • Calculations
      • Patterns
    • Social Skills 
      • Collaboration
      • Creativity
      • Critical Thinking
      • Communication

    Girls in STEAM is brought to Kennedy in partnership with Prairie STEM.