A Tiered Approach to Success for All

  • At Kennedy, a robust integrated multi-tiered system of support has been designed that ensures alignment between academic and behavioral intervention systems.  Classroom teachers work alongside Intervention Lab staff to ensure that student needs are met through a systematic process of data collection and analysis.  Below you will find the core elements of each tier as well as how these elements are addressed at our school.  


    Quality Tier 1







    Standards-based curricula

    • HMH Into Reading

    • Fountas and Pinnell Classroom 

    • My Lexia (3-5)


    • 8 Effective Classroom Practices

    • Ruler

    • Dojo

    • P.A.W.S.

    • Greetings 

    Deep knowledge of pedagogy and standards

    At Howard Kennedy, we believe the resource is only as good as the teacher.  As a result, we ensure our staff has a deep understanding of the standards through our work in Professional Learning Communities and through Coaching.

    Universal Screener

    • MAP Growth (K-2)

    • NSCAS Growth (3-5)

    Student Internalizing  and Externalizing Behavior Screening Scale

    Data Driven Instructional Practices

    Through Professional Learning Communities, teachers will administer common formative assessments, both teacher/district created and those that are provided through the curricular resources, and use that data to inform instruction.

    • Tableau

    • Discipline Behavior Dashboard


    Quality Tier 2







    Diagnostic tools

    Teacher Tools:

    • MAP Growth Learning Continuum 

    Intervention Staff Tools:

    • Really Great Reading Surveys

    Teacher Tools:

    • MAP Growth Learning Continuum 

    Intervention Staff Tools:

    • Number Readiness 


    Intervention curriculum

    • HD Word

    • Quick Reads for Fluency

    • LLI

    • Book Clubs

    Daily Math Fluency

    • CICO

    • Small Skill Groups

    • Self Monitoring

    Progress monitoring

    Determined by classroom teachers during monthly Data Dialogues

    Determined by classroom teachers during monthly Data Dialogues

    Weekly facilitator documentation logs and Excel data entry.

    Data meetings

    • Monthly Data Dialogues

    • Professional Learning Teams

    • Bi-weekly Tier 2 Meetings

    • Monthly PLTs

    Dedicated time for Tier 2

    30 minute schoolwide block

    Occurs during daily math block

    Four to eight weeks which involves a fade out process.


    Quality Tier 3







    Supplementary pullout support

    Literacy Lab

    Math Lab

    Individual counseling and specific skill work.

    Progress monitoring and goal setting

    • Fluency probes

    • Really Great Reading Surveys

    • Strategy checklists

    • Number Readiness Survey


    Intervention curriculum

    Really Great Reading Suite

    Do the Math

    • FBAs

    • BIPs

    • Wrap-Around 



Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Corey Ostby

Our Tier 3 literacy intervention is lead by Mr. Ostby. This year he is focusing on students in K-2, while also serving small groups of 3rd - 5th graders and supporting Student Assistance Team diagnostics and analysis.