About J.P. Lord School

  • Dr. J.P. Lord School is proud to be a part of the Omaha Public Schools. Our school is located on the edge of the University of Nebraska Medical Center Campus at 330 S. 44th Street. J.P. Lord School serves students who have severe or moderate mental and physical handicapping conditions. Some students are considered to be "medically fragile" and may also have hearing, vision, speech, and/or motor impairments. Specific educational and medical needs are met by Lord's special education teachers, nurses, therapists and support staff. Many students from area schools learn about our program by volunteering to participate in classroom and individual activities during the school year.

    The dedicated staff members at J.P. Lord have a strong belief that all students can learn, and we celebrate even the smallest of gains students achieve toward reaching their goals. I think of our school as a "treasure" within the Omaha Public Schools for children with multiple disabilities.