Traveling Teachers

  • Students at J. P. Lord receive The Comprehensive Art Education Program which is adapted to the multisensory needs of each child. We look, touch, feel, make and talk about art. Art is also cooperative, with the students, teachers, and paraprofessionals involved in the process. We desire each student to work as independently as possible and reach his/her personal skill level.

    At J. P. Lord, the librarian visits each classroom once a week or the class comes to the library.  We read books and do activities based on current themes or multicultural holidays. The children enjoy the auditory stimulation of hearing a book read aloud, and passing around the objects. 

    At J. P. Lord School, the overall goals for the students are communication, physical movement, and independent response to stimuli. To achieve these goals in music therapy, students participate in activities such as singing, playing instruments, and playing musical games which allow for independent responses and the use of communication devices.

    In our physical education class, we incorporate rhythmic movement, basic physical skills and adapted organized games to increase the physical development of each student. A variety of activities keep students and staff on their toes and on the go! You will explore your surroundings by walking, using your senses, and interacting with classmates and staff.