School Transfer Request

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    At the elementary, middle and high school levels, the current Student Assignment Plan (SAP) allows a student to attend their home attendance area (neighborhood) school based on the student's residential address. In addition, students can apply to attend a non-neighborhood (transfer) school. This request must be approved by the Student Placement Office. Approval of application request is subject to:

    • space availability (capacity) at the requested school
    • student's academic achievement & enrollment history
    • student conduct (behavior record) - Level 3 and/or Level 4 offenses or repeated misconduct involving Level 1 and Level 2 offenses

    Students returning to Omaha Public Schools from alternative settings may be placed into an Omaha Public Schools Alternative program.

    Transferring students while the academic semester is in session may cause a substantial disruption to the student’s academic progress and the classroom environment at the receiving school. Unless a student has moved, transfers during the academic term will be denied or delayed until a new term begins. This may include requests for the neighborhood school. 

    Please expect a response to your request within seven days of your submission. Most secondary buildings have reached capacity enrollment. Neighborhood requests will still be approved. Requests for non-neighborhood middle or high schools will likely not be approved.

    Transfer requests can be completed via online form, email form or via U.S. mail. 

    Transfer Requests for 2022-2023 are now available.

Transfer Request Forms for Mail or Email