Gifted and Talented Education

  • King Science Technology Magnet Center has maintained an outstanding record of academic excellence. Students who attend KSTM are well prepared to meet the academic rigors of high school. Our mission is to provide a rigorous academic experience that is based on research and best practices and enables all students to achieve their highest potential.

    Our Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) Program at KSTM is based on the Omaha Public Schools “Best Practices”. We want to support your high ability learner. We will be making sure our courses are differentiated. We will support staff through collaboration and professional development and by planning and providing opportunities for your child.



  • The goal of the Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) program is to identify gifted and exceptionally talented students within the Omaha Public Schools, nurture their social/emotional development and enhance their curriculum experience so these unique individuals may reach their fullest potential.  At KSTMC the program is designed to address student needs through a combination of the following methods:

          o   Classroom Differentiation
          o   Honors and Advanced Classes
          o   Contest/Competitions
          o   Enrichment Activities and Clubs


  • The Omaha Public Schools’ method of identifying gifted and talented students is modeled after the NAGC (National Association of Gifted Children).  Identification includes performance at 130 or above on IQ assessments and 95% or above on any sub-tests of the California Achievement Tests.  

    Selection for the Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) program at King Science Magnet can also be determined by a student’s performance in certain courses.  Identification encompasses the following five areas: Intellectual, Academic, Creative, Leadership, and Visual/Performing Arts. Middle school is an opportunity for students to self-select areas that allow them to explore and capitalize on their strengths, display their talents, and excel. Whether it is found in their coursework, a competition, a contest, or an extracurricular activity, a student’s giftedness and/or talents can blossom and develop at King ScienceMagnet.

District GATE Events

  • Academic Pentathlon: The newest program of the United States Academic Decathlon for middle school students was created to provide opportunities to experience the challenges of a rigorous team and individual competition in five events: Language and Literature, Mathematics, Music, Science, and Social Studies. The Pentathlon theme parallels that of the high school Academic Decathlon program.  (currently optional for a school to participate)

    Book Blasters: Book Blasters is a district-wide competition that involves a team of students who are responsible for reading approximately 12 selected novels. Teams then compete to see who reigns supreme in knowledge of the novels’ content.

    Duke Talent Identification Program (Duke TIP): The 7th grade talent search through Duke University provides an opportunity for high ability students to pursue an above-level testing experience. 

    Poetry SLAMS:  Each fall and spring student poets from each middle school take the stage and share their writing with their peers.  SLAMS provide an outlet to express feelings, thoughts and ideas with an audience that yearns for student expression.

    Quiz Bowl: Quiz Bowl is an academic competition. A four-member team competes against the clock answering questions from various disciplines. Skills, such as teamwork, cooperative group discussion, problem solving, and reaction time, are enhanced through practices and competitions.

    Read to Succeed (R2S): Middle Level schools with fifth and six grade students may compete in this elementary competition. Students read 10 novels (Big Ten) and compete in a team approach to gain a spot in the Super Ten competition. The contest was designed to promote and encourage the love of reading. (middle schools with 5th and 6th grade students)

    Scholars: Seventh and Eighth grade students (selected) for the Scholars program engage in activities that are goal-oriented.  Students learn more about themselves, support on another, and achieve success at school. Various events are planned to prepare students for their high school years and beyond i.e., College Campus tours, Gallup Strength Finder, ACT prep, etiquette course and more.

    Think Tank: Think Tank is a competitive problem-solving event for 7th and 8th graders held on the UNO campus. This day long event features a game that involves creative problem solving. 

King Science GATE Events

  • There are always ways to get involved and to accelerate your learning opportunities at King Science!  Listed below are just a few of the contests/competitions and enrichment opportunities at King Science Technology Magnet.  Please feel free to contact Nancy Faber at anytime in regards to further acceleration opportunities or ways to get involved. 

    Poetry  Slam (7th and 8th)
    DukeUniversity Talent Identification Program (7th and 8th)
    7th and 8th Grade Leadership Team
    7th and 8th Grade Scholars
    Book Blasters (7th and 8th)
    Math Competitions (6th and 8th)
    Metro Science & Engineering Fair (7th and 8th)
    Quiz Bowl (7th and 8th)
    Read to Succeed (5th and 6th)
    Think Tank (7th and 8th)
    Science Olympiad (7th and 8th)
    After School Clubs (5th and 6th)

Upcoming District GATE Events

  • January 21       Academic Pentathlon Practice Competition @ buildings

    January 26       9:00 - 12:00     Scholars (7th grade) Gallup University

    February 6       8:00- 1:00    ACT Test (various locations on Saturday)

    February 4       Academic Pentathlon Essay for Regional Competition @ schools

    February 23     Academic Pentathlon Regional Competition @ schools                         

    March 3           Academic Pentathlon Essay for State @ schools           

    March 24          8:00-2:00        QUIZ BOWL FINALS   @UNO

    March 31          Academic Pentathlon State Competition @ schools

    April 13             9:30 – 1:00-UNO Tour (7th Grade Scholars)--Beveridge, Buffett, King, Bryan only    
    April 19             8:30 – 11:30  Academic Pentathlon SUPER QUIZ @ The Teacher             Administrative Center board room        

    April 22             8:15-12:00   Book Blasters – Skinner Elementary

    April 28             Academic  Pentathlon Essay for Nationals @ schools

    May 3                8:15-1:30    Tour of Omaha  Marrs, McMillan, Bryan, Davis

    May 5                8:15-1:30    Tour of Omaha  Hale, Monroe, KSC, L&C

    May 6                8:15-1:30    Tour of Omaha Morton, Norris, Buffett, Beveridge

    May 10              8:15-12:00   Poetry Slam @ Pizza Shoppe in Historic Benson 

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