Buena Vista Health and Education Pathway

  • The Health and Education Pathway features three pathway themes:  Teaching as a Profession, Human Performance, and Behavioral Health.

    Buena Vista High School is proud to offer the Teaching as a Profession Pathway where students interested in a career in education progress through coursework such as Lifespan Development and Principles of Education.  Ultimately, students will complete a field experience in an education setting during their senior year of high school.  Students in this pathway also participate in Educators Rising as a part of their experience. 

    The Human Performance Pathway prepares students with coursework that will fulfill their interest in areas of the medical field including sports nutrition, athletic training, occupational therapy, physical therapy, as well as nursing or becoming a physician.  The coursework supports students with basical medical terminology and professions, sports nutrition, and exercise science.

    The Behavioral Health Pathway prepares students with coursework that will fufill their interest in the areas of mental health care, counseling, and psychology.  Students in this pathway will take courses in medical terminology and ethics, patient care, and behavioral health.