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Living the Dream Competion

Please join us in congratulating our 11 students who competed in the city of Omaha's 5th annual "Living the Dream" competition. Students from Omaha area schools competed in short essay, poetry, music and dance categories.
11 Bryan students competed in the City of Omaha's Living the Dream Competition. The students performed a variety of original pieces revolving around various topics which reflect the message of Dr.King.Kudos to Mr.Clawson for getting students excited and prepared for this event, Bryan won the school title for the second straight year with 3 times as many entries as the next school.
  • Chade Dol - spoken word (3rd Place!)
  • Neveyah Zomahoun  - spoken word:
  • Johnathan Mendoza (Mayor's Medallion Award!)  - short essay
  • Maizie Sayles  - short essay (3rd place!):
  • Mi'Khel Thomas  - short essay
  • Daphney Valadez  - short essay
  • Raquel Burton and Stephanie Herrera  - vocal music
  • Bernard and Bernadine Ambatobe - vocal music (3rd place!)
  • Lizzie Medrano - dance (2nd Place!)
We are so proud of how our students represent Bryan! Thanks to our staff who provided assistance and support to our students!