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Student and Staff Achievements - June 5, 2023

Omaha Public Schools is pleased to recognize the following staff and students for their academic, extracurricular and professional achievements.

  • Burke High for being recognized as an Outstanding Musical Theater Production and Outstanding Ensemble from the Nebraska High School Theater Academy.
  • Milan Aranda of Burke High for being selected as an Educators Rising National Student Officer.
  • All Omaha Public Schools students who were awarded Outstanding Performance in a Lead Role from the Nebraska High School Theater Academy.
    • Cooper Strickland, Burke High
    • Kate Anderson, Burke High
    • Stella Clark-Kaczmarek, Burke High
    • Mariana Hernandez-Moreno, South High
    • Mekhi Payne, South High
  • Lori Maestas of Kennedy Elementary for being the first recipient of Dr. Benton and Harriet Kutler Outstanding Vision Teacher Award from the Nebraska Foundation for Visually Impaired Children.
  • Benson, Bryan, Central and Westview High’s eSports teams on qualifying for the Spring 2023 'PlayVS' Postseason Competition
  • The South High boys soccer team for being district champions and state quarterfinalist.
  • Nathan Johnson of Burke High and Garrett Potts of North High for qualifying at state golf.
  • All Omaha Public Schools students who participated and placed at State Track.
  • All Omaha Public Schools students who are State Track champions:
    • Alexis Carbonell-Smith, Burke High
    • Zakeirah Johnson, Burke High
    • MaKayla Thompson, Burke High
    • Aaliyah Franklin, Burke High
    • Thomas Vasquez, Burke High
    • Kirk Pulliam, Burke High
    • Dillon Birge, Burke High
    • Reed Emsick, Burke High