Student Attendance is Important - Every Day!

  • Our district believes that daily attendance is essential to academic success, as well as social and emotional well-being. Regular attendance and participation at school are the foundation for successful graduation from high school. We expect every student to attend school on time and every day. Research shows that there is a direct relationship between student attendance and academic achievement.

    • Starting in preschool and kindergarten, too many absences can cause children to fall behind
    • Missing 10% of school (1 or 2 days every few weeks) can make it harder to:
      • Gain early reading and math skills
      • Learn to read
      • Achieve academic success
    • By third grade, attendance impacts whether a student reads on or above grade level
    • By sixth grade, absenteeism is one of three signs a student may drop out of school
    • By ninth grade, attendance is a better predictor of graduation rates than eighth grade test scores
    Together we can build a culture of attendance and partner to provide opportunities to learn and grow.
    • Students who miss less than 9 days of school have higher proficiency rates on state tests in Language Arts and Math
    • Students who attend regularly stay engaged, successful and on track to graduation
    • Good attendance prepares students to excel in college, career and life


    School attendance is required by law in Nebraska for children 6 through 17 years of age. The responsibility for ensuring children's regular school attendance is a shared responsibility with everyone. Our district, in accordance with state law, has an attendance policy that supports the encouragement of daily attendance while providing supports and resources to students and families that help address attendance barriers and truancy. Families are encouraged to call their child's school as soon as they are aware their child will be absent. If you need assistance with attendance issues, please contact your child's building administrator, School Support Liaison, School Counselor or School Social Worker.