About Central Park Elementary

  • Central Park is located at 4904 North 42nd Street in Omaha. Students are served in pre-kindergarten through fifth grade. Besides the regular classroom instruction, there are a number of supplemental programs that enhance the learning experiences for each child. The school-wide Title l, Spalding Phonics, Gifted and Talented, Special Education, and Guidance and programs are examples of the supplemental resources available to assist all students in achieving optimal success. We also have a full time social worker to help support students and parents for various needs.  Embrace Teachers Project supports our outstanding staff for special events. Central Park also has an active and supportive Parent-Teacher Organization that provides valuable support to children and families in the school community. True to its motto, "On Time, on Task, and on a Mission", Central Park provides a well-rounded educational experience.  Complementary breakfast begins at 8:35 each school day.  The school day begins at 8:50A.M. and ends at 4:05P.M.