College and Career Champions Club

  • The goals and objectives for our students involved in the Blackburn College & Career Champions Club is to acquire information about colleges and careers that are available in the Omaha metro area, through field trips, research opportunities, and community visitors.

    Seniors have the option to join the College & Career Champions Club and initially meet during the summer for a 3-week immersion camp filled with community visits and opportunities to experience college campus sites, as well as career options. During this time, the students will create a notebook with information about area colleges and career opportunities.

    The college and career related activities will help them to meet their goals of learning about what is available in the Omaha Metro area while developing the attitudes, abilities, skills, and capacity to reach them. Results of their learning through class activities and experiences will be shown in a culminating survey. The Blackburn College & Career Champions will also enjoy extensions of these offerings throughout the year as they prepare and transition out of high school.