About Blackburn

  • The mission of Blackburn Alternative Program is to assist students to achieve their highest potential through individual, flexible, and structured educational experiences designed to enhance their academic growth and foster lifelong learning.

    Blackburn serves Omaha Public Schools 9th-12th grade students as recommended or referred by the seven traditional high schools in our district.

    Blackburn follows the guaranteed and viable curriculum as set forth by Omaha Public Schools Curriculum & Instruction Support for secondary education. Both core and elective courses are offered to enable students to meet graduation requirements. Blackburn follows a block schedule that allows students to earn credits on a quarterly basis. Class sizes are generally smaller than in the traditional setting, so students receive the support they need to be successful. Staff members readily teach students skills they need to have an educationally rewarding experience at Blackburn and into the future. Students who accomplish their goals for attendance, behavior, and academic achievement may be recommended for return to the traditional high school setting. Students are, however, eligible to remain and graduate from Blackburn.

    Alternative Educational Goals are:

    • Improve Academic Achievement
    • Utilize Strengths to Meet Needs
    • Provide Progressive Academic and Behavioral Expectations
    • Provide for Social and Emotional Growth
    • Promote Perseverance and Productivity
    • Explore Future Educational, Career and Technical Interests
    • Provide a Safe, Inclusive and Accepting Environment
    • Recruit and Retain Exemplary Staff
    • Provide Staff Development that Supports the Mission of Alternative Education
    • Ensure Community and Family Involvement


    Blackburn Bell Schedule 2023-2024

    Period 1: 8:35AM - 9:40AM

    Period 2: 9:42AM - 11:02AM

    Period 3: 11:04AM - 12:39PM

    • A Lunch 11:07AM - 11:37AM
    • B Lunch 11:40AM - 12:10PM
    • C Lunch 12:19PM - 12:49PM

    Period 4: 12:51PM - 1:56PM

    Period 5: 1:58PM - 3:03PM

    Period 6 (Extended Day): 3:15PM - 4:20PM