• OPS provides an after school intramural program through the PLAY DAYS Progam. Programming is available for any student in grades four through six and your participation, even if minimal, is crucial in helping us forward with our District’s mission of engaging Every Kid, Every Day. For many of our students, this opportunity may be their only exposure to participating in team sports. Participation in team sports in the interscholastic setting provides an unmatched opportunity for connectedness of your students, parents, teachers and community to your building and our district as a whole! Certainly, the benefits to this program are reflected in the school day, as the excitement that surrounds team and school identity and support of one another through team sports can be unrivaled.

    The goals of this PLAY DAY program are:

    Goal l: The primary goal of Omaha Public Schools PLAY DAY program is to increase opportunities in and exposure to team sports for our Grade 4, 5 & 6 free-of-charge.

    Goal 2: The Omaha Public Schools Athletic Department will coordinate opportunities for secondary schools to assist with the implementation of the PLAY DAY program to improve vertical alignment across the district.

    Goal 3: The Omaha Public Schools Athletic Department will assess, plan, and implement strategies to expand resources to support the district’s strategic plan through the PLAY DAY initiative.

    Goal 4: The Omaha Public Schools Athletic Department shall continue to investigate opportunities to connect with community partners to promote and support the PLAY DAY initiative. For your consideration, this document contains information identifying the major components of our programming, including scheduling, cost, sport opportunities and guidance for your program. Of course – if you have any questions, please contact me directly as I would love to be able to assist our efforts to do the best for our kids across the district.

  • Ms. Lisa Greeno

    Athletic Director

    Conestoga Elementary

    phone: 531-299-1260 

    email: lisa.greeno@ops.org