• School-wide Focus:

    Individual grade levels will compare and contrast math systems and economic development on a global scale.

    School-wide culminating events include student presentations depicting how math and economics work in our daily lives.  Career Connections include mentoring, interview skills, and job shadowing in many different careers in economics and business.  Students learn throughout the year how math and economics are used in different careers as well as in everyday life.

    Interdisciplinary Strands:

    Throughout the year, students participate in knowledge-building of math and economic concepts through three interdisciplinary units, or strands.  The three strands are:

    Daily Living

            During this unit, the students learn about earning, saving, and spending  

    money.  They answer questions such as:

                            How does economics affect my life?

                            Where in my life will I encounter mathematics?

            Intermediate grades even learn how to keep and balance a checkbook!

    Career Connections

            In this unit, each grade level explores a particular career area. They

            consider questions like:

                            How do people use math in these careers?

                            What effects do economics have on these careers?

    Global Communities

            During Global Communities, students study the economies of other

            countries, including money systems, jobs, and trading.  They

           use the information learned to answer:

                            How does economics impact the global community?

                            Would limited natural resources affect the global community?

                            Why is math considered to be the universal language?


  •  We are very fortunate to have supportive Community Partners like Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Nebraska, The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City/Omaha branch, and a group of volunteer readers from Kiwanis Club of Omaha, Inc.  The Golden K Kiwanis is a group of outstanding volunteers who have been reading and sharing time with students at Conestoga for more than a decade.  Relationships and partnerships like these keep the Pioneer wagon on track and our students moving forward in true Pioneer fashion.  Plus Weitz Funds and the US Bank.

    Come on board as new Pioneers explore for themselves the meaning of our mission statement:      

    Conestoga Magnet School is a leader in meeting the educational needs of all students to become
    lifelong learners and productive citizens by utilizing best instructional practices.


    Ready to Grow.
    Be Kind. Work Hard. Know You Are Loved.

    Leah Kastrup, Principal