About Omaha Virtual School

  • Omaha Virtual School (OVS) is a full-time, tuition-free, program within Omaha Public Schools. Our instruction is delivered through a blended learning environment, combining the benefits of the virtual and traditional classrooms.  Blended learning enhances online learning with opportunities for labs, guest speakers, field trips, and other face-to-face cooperative learning.  

    The format of our program enables parents to be actively involved and allows students to take ownership of their learning.  Students may work quickly through the areas they understand, take their time in areas that need extra attention, and put an emphasis on subjects that interest them most. 

Mission Statement

  • Omaha Virtual School is committed to empowering life-long learners by developing collaborative relationships. Within our community, we provide an innovative, personalized learning experience. Success in this mission will cultivate critical thinkers who have the tools to contribute to a changing global society.

    Vision Statement

    Future ready, today.

Core Values

  • In an effort to create a consistent learning environment at Omaha Virtual School, learners are taught a set of core values and practice a set of basic school wide expectations for behavior.

    Growth Mindset

    Focus on continual learning for all community members (learning coaches, learners, learning facilitators, leaders) where risk-taking is encouraged and failure is seen as an opportunity to learn.    


    Engage in a positive and accepting manner where all community members can learn.


    Work together to find creative solutions to ensure all learners can be successful.    


    Embody honesty, consistency, trustworthiness, and adherence to high level moral principles.


    Take responsibility for the content and process of decisions made, actions taken, and the resulting outcomes.


    Articulate one’s needs and make informed decisions about the supports necessary to meet those needs