Dual Language


    • Our Dual Language program is a two-way program.  Kinder to 1st, we have four groups of students. 2nd to 5th grade we have two groups of students. Students learn language through direct language teaching and through the content areas of Math, Reading, Writing, Science, and Social Studies. Students spend a half-day in the English class, and a half-day in the Spanish class.
    • The Dual Language program at Castelar is an International Spanish Academy (ISA). We signed an agreement of collaboration with the Education Office of Spain in the U.S. 
    •  For more information about ISA schools.
    • In 2013, and 2018 the Dual Language program at Castelar was one of the finalists for “School of the year” contest. Schools from all over the United States and Canada that integrate programs where language and content are taught together participate in this contest. Link to the contest by following the link below
    • Parents can apply to the Dual Language Program any time. Students in kindergarten will get in the program after a lottery. Students 1st-5th will enter a waiting list.
    • If you have any questions, please feel free to call the main office during school hours. 531.299.1160


  • What are the advantages of the Dual Language Program?

    • Students would be bilingual.
    • Students would have a marketable skill.
    • Research shows that students that are bilingual do better in school.
    • Students would not have to wait until 7th grade to learn another language.
    • Students in 5th grade will get a certificate issued by the Spanish Embassy in U.S.A. recognizing their participation in the program.


  • Ideology

    Administrators, teachers, and staff within the Dual Language Program of the Omaha Public Schools are dedicated to ensuring that each child acquire the skills and knowledge to succeed in a global society by working towards the following goals:

    1. Bilingualism
    2. Biliteracy
    3. Cross-Cultural Abilities
    4. High Academic Achievement
    5. Parent participation


  • Dual Language Program

    The Elementary Dual Language program provides the following:

    • Students in the program are taught in two languages: English and Spanish
    • Students will be able to speak, understand, read and write in English and Spanish by 6th grade.
    • Students would be in a regular integrated class.
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