Independent Studies

  • The Independent Study Program (ISP) is part of the Multiple Pathways Program. ISP provides opportunities for students ages 17-21 to earn credit toward graduation in a homework based, self-paced, individualized environment.  This homework-based curriculum offers students an opportunity to improve learning skills in a distraction free environment.  Students follow the same Standards Based Curriculum found in all Omaha Public Schools. School rules, too, are the same as those in the other seven OPS high schools. 

    Independent Studies classes take place in the Omaha Public Schools Career Center located at 3230 Burt Street in office 475.


Our Students

  • ISP strives to meet the unique needs of students who are typically older and have earned fewer credits than their peers in traditional high school. Many ISP students are emancipated, live on their own, have significant family obligations, and work 30 or more hours a week.  Students are generally enrolled in one class and must complete the credit in that class before being enrolled in a second class. Students choose the time of day they will attend. 



  • The 5-2-2 Plan is expected to earn credit in a timely manner, which means that students attend class 5 days a week for 2 hours a day and complete 2 hours of homework each night.  Students using this plan can earn one credit in about three weeks.  When credit is earned in one subject, students are then enrolled in another class. Credit is not earned until all work has been completed satisfactorily.  Typically, a student completes two credits at ISP and moves on to one of the other Multiple Pathways Programs to more rapidly earn credit. 

ISP Hours

  • Flexible scheduling is the hallmark of the Independent Studies Program, and can be tailored to meet the student's individual needs.

    Student Hours

    • Monday - Friday
    • 7:45 a.m. - 2:15 p.m.

    Staff On Duty

    • Monday - Friday
    • 7:20 am - 3:20 pm