• In 1996, under the direction of Victoria Vaughan, a specialized school was created at Jackson elementary to meet the needs of Special Education students who needed more support and a smaller program to be successful in school. The program was moved to the Yates School in 1999 and became known as the Yates Alternative School. The program was unique in that it served Special Education students in grades K-12. In 2008, the program once again moved, this time to the Old Druid Hill school. The name was changed to the Integrated Learning Program at DHC. In 2010, Sandra Bender became the Program Director. Saratoga Elementary became the new home for ILP in 2017 as the program continues to grow. In 2018, the elementary students were moved over to Skinner Elementary. The elementary students will be returning to the Saratoga building in the fall of 2022. 


    The program now known as ILP at Saratoga has continued its mission to never give up on kids. No matter the building the program is housed in, we continue to provide a safe, structured learning environment for our students. The staff are dedicated professionals who truly believe in providing quality instruction for each student. The program is proud to have four Buffett award winners throughout its history. The Integrated Learning Program is fortunate to have a trained and dedicated staff.  We are here to teach students the social, emotional, behavioral, and academic skills needed for becoming happy, productive members of society.