George W. Norris

  • Nebraska’s George W. Norris served in the Senate for 30 years (1913 - 1943) and collaborated with President Franklin Roosevelt during the New Deal era.  President John F. Kennedy stated, “Nothing could sway [George Norris] from what he thought was right, from his determination to help all the people, from his hope to save them from the twin tragedies of poverty and war.”

    Information provided by Senate Historical Office.

Norris Middle History

  • Norris Middle School is located at 2235 South 46th Street in Omaha. This school serves a diverse student population in sixth, seventh, and eighth grades. In addition to traditional middle level academic offerings, Norris supports 45-50 students at each grade level who have chosen to be part of the Dual Language Program.  Students in Dual Language receive alternating instruction in Spanish and English.  Norris has also been recognized by the Ministry of Education in Spain as an International Academy of Spanish Instruction due to the high caliber of our Spanish and Dual Language instruction. 

    Norris has a tradition of excellence in extra-curricular offerings such as music, and Norris teams continue to perform at a high level in competitive sports and academic competitions.  Norris is proud of and benefits from active Adopt-a-School partnerships and relationships with Community Service Providers such as Completely Kids and Partnership 4 Kids.

    The school mission statement can best describe the atmosphere at Norris Middle School: "George W. Norris Middle School believes that all children can learn. We promote high expectations, academic excellence and personal growth and responsibility while continually striving for a safe learning environment for students, staff and community”