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Students Benefit from Omaha Public Schools High-Achieving Programs

Growing up, Charles Harron had an interest in plants. Now a senior at Bryan High, he has access to a greenhouse and a garden with raised beds to grow melons and cucumbers.
“I've learned a lot about plants and systems, but also how to manage them and how to bring them to the business and community side of things,” said Harron. “I plan to major in horticulture and landscape design, and this academy will prepare me for that.”
Harron’s experience represents one part of what’s available in the Urban Agriculture Academy at Bryan High.
The National Career Academy Coalition (NCAC) recently recognized Bryan High’s Urban Agriculture Academy as a Model Status Academy with Distinction. It’s the highest level of recognition from NCAC. A school's career academy must meet or exceed proficiency in 10 National Standards of Practice areas, including teaching and learning, leadership and community involvement.

“It shows that we're able to work with the community and set our kids up for success outside of the classroom,” said Mimi Harvey, DVM. Harvey teaches Industrial Technology at Bryan High. “It shows we know what we're doing here at Bryan, and we're doing it the right way, helping our kids succeed.”

This honor adds to a growing number of Omaha Public Schools College & Career Academies and Pathways earning recognition. Benson High’s Design and Construction Academy also achieved Model Status Academy for the second consecutive year.

“Finding out what the high-quality standards are have helped us improve and increase student opportunities,” said Rhonda Sherman, Benson High’s Design & Construction Academy team lead. “Lunch and learns, field trips, having mentors come in the classroom, and all those things we know are best practices and good for our students.”

Students are proud to be part of a model academy, saying the recognition reflects their experience in the classroom and sets them up for future success.
“To get the opportunity to be a part of this education is amazing,” said Payton Blankenship, a Bryan High senior. “We have great teachers who dedicate so much of their life toward us and care about what we learn.”

Blankenship also appreciates the choices available for Omaha Public Schools students. “There are so many options for you to choose. There's plant science, natural resources, food science, animal science. The curriculum itself is awesome, but it really comes down to the teachers and our staff members who care.”

Omaha Public Schools College & Career Academies and Pathways connect a student’s time in high school to their goals for life after graduation. Visit our website to learn more.


February 2024

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