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Machinist Maintains Comfortable Learning Environment for Students

Dan Eggen works with a drill pressFrom his shop at the Service Center, Bob Eggen repairs things like air handling equipment used in our schools. He focuses on small improvements to prevent bigger issues from occurring.  

"As a kid, I always wanted to know how something worked," said Eggen, a machinist for Omaha Public Schools. "I'd take something apart to see if I could fix it. Sometimes, they didn't piece back together as easily."    

Over the past 30 years, Eggen has worked as a diesel mechanic and machinist. He brings a unique skill set with him to his current role on our district maintenance team.    

"If there is a part we can't buy, we can make it," said Eggen. "We use raw materials, like a block of steel or sheet metal, to make tools, shafts or plates. We can often mass produce items cheaper and faster than we can purchase them."  

Eggen spends most of his day at one of our many school buildings. He and his coworkers repair everything from air conditioner motors to playground equipment.  

"Our top priority is the safety and health of staff and students," said Eggen. "We want students to be comfortable in their classroom so they can focus on their schoolwork without distractions."   

Omaha Public Schools has licensed and unlicensed craftsmen like electricians, plumbers, machinists, carpenters, steamfitters or electronic repair technicians who specialize in each trade. Together, Eggen and his colleagues on the maintenance team help maintain the integrity of our facilities to improve the learning environment for our students. 


March 2024

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