Activities, Athletics & Fine Arts Directory

Activity Sponsor Time Location Description
Boys Basketball Mr. Schwieger & Mr. DeSalvo 3:15-5 pm Winter Sport
Boys Soccer Mr. Lopez, Mr. Oelschlaeger, Ms. Hernandez 3:15-5 pm Spring Sport
Boys Swimming Mr. Fischer & Ms.Vickery 3:15-5 pm Winter Sport
Cross Country Ms. Reyes Vazquez & Mr. Farrell 3:15-5 pm Fall Sport
Dual Language Club Ms. Hernandez and Ms. Montes 3:05-4 pm Mondays Room 115
Girls and Boys Track Mr. Duff, Mr. Fischer 3:15-5 pm Spring Sport
Girls Basketball Mr. DeSalvo & Mr. Schwieger 3:15-5 pm Winter Sport
Girls Soccer Mr. DeSalvo & Mr. Haworth 3:15-5 pm Spring Sport
Girls Swimming Mr. Fischer & Ms. Vickery 3:15-5 pm Winter Sport
Golden Sowers Mr. Keel Library Students select Golden Sower nominated books, read them, and then do a project showing they read the book. Students who complete three projects are invited to the Golden Sower awards at the end of the year.
Harry Potter Club Mrs. Forrest, Mr. Bruckner, Mrs. Lee and Mr. Keel TBA Library The Harry Potter club is for those fans of the books and movies, who enjoy trivia, games, activities like art or Quidditch, and discussions about their favorite wizard.
Manga Mr. Keel During lunch, Friday Library Designed for those students who enjoy reading Japanese Manga. The club explores Manga trivia, drawings, and similar topics related to Japan.
Music Appreciation Club Mr. Hernandez 3:30 - 4;45 pm, Monday & Tuesday The general purpose is to explore music and instruments, learn, share, develop, an understanding of culture through music skill development, and the opportunity to present live performances.
Robotics Mrs. Clark and Mr. Farrell 3:05-5 pm Tuesdays Room 254
Tackle Football Mr. Schwieger, Mr. Haworth, Mr. Rivas, Mr. McNeil 3:15-5 pm Fall Sport
Volleyball Ms. Scholl & Ms. Hensley 3:15-5 pm Fall Sport
Wrestling 3:15-5 pm Winter Sport
Yearbook Club Ms. Prudente, Mr. Olson, Mrs. Palmgren, Ms. Bakar, Ms. Hallgren