• Strong values and warm, personal relationships which grew in a strong rural setting are the heritage that left Sunny Slope School from its one room predecessor. The old one-room school, known as District 16 of Douglas County, which was erected in the late 1890's. Its site was on land donated or loaned by John Hughes in 1879. Fifty students might be on the rosters during the winter term. Their grade levels ranged from the first to eighth, their ages varied, many of the boys were able to attend only when they were not needed to help on the farm. The children kept warm by a black potbellied stove and sat three abreast in the double desks. The schoolhouse later was moved to a location along 108th Street where a new building was build in 1954. Upon becoming part of the Omaha Public School System in 1958, the name officially changed to Sunny Slope. Children from kindergarten to sixth grade were enrolled. Ms. Lorraine Giles served as the first OPS principal for the school. The once rural school had to be limited to second and third grades during 1971 and 1972. In 1973 Sunny Slope moved to its new location in northwest Omaha at 10828 Old Maple Road. The cost to build this new modern complex of over 47,565 square ft. was $1,290,461.47. Over 90% of the families within our neighborhood boundaries, selected as as their school of choice. The staff comprised of full and part-time teachers, paraprofessionals, health services and custodial services totals fifty-four. The school serves pre-kindergarten through fifth grades with a present population of approximately 430 students.  The current racial composition of our school is typically compressed of: Caucasian 42%, African American 34%, Hispanic 12%, Two or more races 8%, Asian American 4%.