Library Services

  • Passwords are needed for home access. Please consult your school librarian or call 531-299-0249 during regular business hours.

Check Out Schedules

  • Buzz in, Check out a good book!     

    Below you will find the Cycle Days that each teacher has library checkout. Please talk with your child's teacher to find out which calendar days match when your child will come to library. 

    Return Books = Win Prizes

    Kindergarten through fourth grade students who return all of their books by the end of the year will win a prize. More information will follow in third quarter.



    Livers 2/7
    Long 1/6
    Madsen 4/9
    Maguire 5/10
    Talacko 3/9
    1st Grade

    Baker 2/7
    Bartling 1/6
    Loper 5/10
    Nordstrom 4/9
    Gourley 3/8
    2nd Grade

    Heng 5/10
    Sheets 1/6
    Kahlandt 5/10
    Stoffel 3/7
    3rd Grade

    Briggs 5/10
    Heller 1/6
    Petersen 5/10
    Pryor 3/8
    Ryan 4/9
    4th Grade

    Bock 2/7
    Maass 1/6
    Malsam 5/10
    Paymal 4/9
    Jones 5/10

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