Dual Language

  • In the Omaha Public Schools' Dual Language program, students in kindergarten through 12th grade learn in both English and Spanish. Students take the same courses as other students, but they will learn half of their coursework in Spanish and half in English. Dual Language students will be able to speak, read, write and understand both English and Spanish. Research shows that students who are bilingual do better in school and graduate with an immediately marketable skill. 

    There are many advantages of the Dual Language Program:

    • Students have the ability to speak, read and write fluently in English and Spanish.
    • Students will increase their cognitive abilities and critical thinking.
    • Research shows that bilingual students' academic achievement is increased.
    • Students will benefit from improved cultural awareness and appreciation of their community.
    • Students will have their social-emotional needs met in the classroom.


    Students have the option to continue the Dual Language Program throughout K through 12th Grade.

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