• Miller Park School traces its origins to the great urban population boom of the mid and late 1880s. Omaha's population more than tripled.  In order to accommodate the growing population, a piece of land was purchased near both Fort and Miller Park.  A four-room frame building was erected in its place. 

    It opened on April 18, 1910 for Kindergarten through fourth grade, and was named after Omaha pioneer, Dr. George L. Miller.  There were five teachers and 151 students.   A second building was built soon after with additional grades added.  The two buildings could no longer accommodate the number of students. 

    A campaign was lead to build a new structure and in 1912, the current building was built with over 800 students enrolled in grades K-8.  The last class of eighth graders graduated from Miller Park in 1958, as McMillan Junior High School opened in the fall. 

    For a short time, Miller Park returned to the K-4 school model.   Miller Park continued to be a positive and influential part of the Miller Park community.  The existing building underwent a complete renovation and additions were added.  Miller Park staff and students returned to their permanent location at 5625 North 28th Avenue. 

    Miller Park continues to work with our parents and community to offer a caring learning environment where children can learn and thrive.