School Improvement Plan

  • School Improvement Plan is an annual school improvement process that is a working document developed in the Omaha Public Schools that empowers our school to review and refine our school goals. The School Improvement process focuses on six goals.

    Masters School Improvement goals include:

    Goal 1: Reading and Writing

        All students will receive the guaranteed and viable English Language Arts curriculum using a balanced literacy approach.

    Goal 2: Math

         All students will receive mathematics instruction utilizing targeted high probability strategies specific to mathematics.

    Goal 3: Science

         All students will receive the guaranteed and viable Science curriculum as outlined in the OPS Curriculum Guides for Science.

    Goal 4: Wellness

         Our school will increase community involvement in wellness activities for students and staff.

    Goal 5: Attendance

        Our school will strive for 95 and reduce the percentage of students missing 5% of their school year.

    Goal 6: Multi-Tierred Systems of Support for Behavior

         All students will receive instruction that supports demonstrating respectful, responsible, learner behaviors  for self and others.