• Indian Hill Elementary has a rich history of educating young people.  Established in 1890, it was originally called Westside School.  This school was located just south of the stockyards and packing house district.  It provided education to a diverse group of children living in the South Side Terrace Homes and surrounding Indian Hill community.  Before its renovation in 1956, it was the oldest public school building in Omaha.  The new brick building was built as a junior high and elementary school; it was converted to an elementary school in the fall of 1984.  An addition added 6 classrooms to the structure in 2008.  A large bond issue was passed in 2015 which allowed for a major renovation of every classroom in 2016-17.  Indian Hill continues to include some families of whose parents and grandparents attended Indian Hill School and continues to proudly serve a diverse group of students.