• Fullerton Communication Skills and Electronic Information/Media Magnet Center is named in honor of Dr. Craig Fullerton, an Assistant Superintendent for the Omaha Public Schools for 26 years. Dr. Fullerton was a creative and visionary educator who was instrumental in developing and expanding many new programs. Several of these programs were linked to communication, such as computer centers, educational, TV, magnet schools, radio station KIOS, and the telecommunication center. The Fullerton mascot is the Falcon and the motto is, “Soaring with Confidence.”

    Fullerton Magnet Center offers a unique program in communication skills and electronic media. All students in grades K-4 are expected to practice communication skills daily. Writing is particularly emphasized across the curriculum. Second through fourth grade students work on special units requiring the application of research, note taking and writing skills.

    In addition, units designed for the magnet curriculum will teach students to create a research-based four slide PowerPoint with text and drawing. Students learn how to import pictures and clip art when developing theme-related presentations. Students also research topics via the Internet.  

    Computer access is available in every classroom, in two labs and in two mobile wireless laptop labs. Specialists staff each lab. Students attend the instructional lab weekly. The magnet focus lab is reserved for the special units designed to meet magnet curriculum outcomes.

    Fullerton’s multimedia focus is the newest and most up-to-date way to learn. It presents opportunities for working cooperatively, making good decisions, and developing excellent problem solving techniques while preparing the students for the high technology age in which they live.