About Fontenelle Elementary

  • Fontenelle Elementary School is located at 3905 N. 52nd Street in Omaha. Our school serves a diverse student population in grades pre-k through fifth grade. We believe a school environment must be safe, secure, and disciplined to maximize learning opportunities and ensure all students will achieve their highest potential. Honors assemblies are held to recognize student accomplishments in the areas of academics, citizenship, and attendance. Regular classroom instruction is supplemented with a variety of programs that support and enrich the core curriculum. Resources are available to students in reading, mathematics, and special education, as well as English as a Second Language, Gifted Education, and guidance and counseling programs. Friends of Fontenelle Falcons, and Adopt-A-School business partners provide support, as well as material and financial assistance. Fontenelle excels as a community of learners, where students discover, and adults re-discover the joys of learning. 

Fontenelle Elementary
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