Field Club History

  • Field Club History

    The construction of the new Field Club Elementary in the mid 1980s was a major undertaking on the part of the Omaha Public Schools. The current facility was a major component of a school consolidation plan.

    The original Field Club Elementary was located to the west of the present building and was constructed in 1916. The current Field Club Elementary School was dedicated in 1986 and is the result of the consolidation of the original Field Club and four other elementary schools. The schools absorbed by Field Club include Jackson Elementary (reopened in 1999), Mason Elementary, Park Elementary, and Windsor Elementary.

    The new Field Club Elementary School was a unique building that incorporated many innovations which contributed to a special teaching and learning environment. At the time of its opening, Field Club was larger than the ordinary Omaha Public School elementary building. It has a kindergarten suite of three specially designed rooms. There are 31 standard classrooms and many smaller special use rooms. Other features include a multipurpose room with a stage, gymnasium, a media center, computer laboratory, and a two story atrium with a multi-use commons area. Second story interior classrooms have windows which offer a view of the commons area as well as letting in natural light from the atrium.