• Edison Elementary School was built in 1966.  At that time it had a membership of slightly more than 400 students in grades kindergarten through sixth.  The student population grew substantially which necessitated the use of portable classrooms.  Edison's attendance area stretched from 84th to 132nd Streets and from Dodge to Maple.  With the implementation of the desegregation plan, Edison bussed its third grade students to Conestoga Primary Center and students in grades four, five, and six who resided in the Conestoga area attended Edison.

    The northwest area of Omaha continued to show growth and in 1976, Joslyn Elementary School was built.  The Assistant Principal (Sandra Pistone), as well as half of Edison's student population, moved to the new building.  In 1980, Omaha Public Schools closed its District 67 schoolhouse, and those students were assigned to Edison School.  Also, the district began busing an overflow of students from Sunny Slope Elementary School to Edison.  This increase in students made it necessary to add four new portable classrooms.

    Northwest Omaha continued to demonstrate a population growth and in 1992 another new elementary school, Picotte, was opened.  Half of Edison's student population and staff were once again transferred to the new school and the portables were again removed.